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CMA Inter Group 1 : Cost Accounting

  • Price : 6000
  • Category : Cost Accounting
Candidates looking forward to ace through their CMA Group 1 Cost Accounting paper should understand that Cost Accounting is a different subject. Unlike other subjects whose topics can be covered at the last minute, for Cost Accounting one needs to study well in advance to be able to cover all the topics. Hence, with such a subject you need to be well prepared. It is a good idea to take the assistance of experts who provide CMA inter-cost accounts, exclusive Pendrive Classes. CMA Exclusive offers CMA inter-cost accounts online Lectures by CMA Chander Dureja who is a leading CMA professor and has extensive experience. Enroll yourself in the CMA inter Cost Accounting Video Classes, and be assured that we will provide you with the best and highest quality of education at the most affordable prices.

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Course Description

Pacakge Name CMA Inter Cost Accounting Group 1 Video Lectures
No. of Hours of Videos As Given Below
Study Material Printed Book through Courier
Language Hindi
Format Pendrive /Download link /Online (As Per Selection)
No. of Views

Video Views – Unlimited

Video WatchTime – 3 Times

e.g. A video is of 1 Hour. You can Play for 3 Hours

You can Play Video in following Parts

2 min

3 min

7 min

10 Min

……. Unlimited views

Total Duration you watched video is  2+3+7+10+………

Will be counted and that should be less than 3 Watch time  Hours (Because video is of 1 Hour)

Fast Forward option Yes
Delivery of Product 2-6 Working Days
Amendments provided through (1) Download Link: Google Drive  OR
(2) Watch Link: YouTube Link
Doubts Resolution THREE Level Doubt Clearing
(Level-1) : via e-mail
(Level-2) : via Whatsapp
(Level-3) : via Phone Call
Requirement of Internet  For 1 Second for Login


S.No Content of Videos for CMA Inter Cost Accounting Number of Videos Topic Length
1 Cost Sheet 6 Video(s)  04:20:53
2 Reconciliation Of Cost and Financial Accounts 6 Video(s)  03:05:00
3 Marginal Costing 12 Video(s)  10:44:19
4 Budgetary Cost and Control-6 Hours & 30 min 7 Video(s)  08:25:00
5 Material Cost and Control 6 Video(s)  06:24:00
6 Labor Cost and Control 9 Video(s)  07:58:00
7 Overhead Cost and Control 7 Video(s)  05:48:00
8 Standard Costing 6 Video(s)  02:19:06
9 Integral Accounts 2 Video(s)  01:17:00
10 Operating Costing 9 Video(s)  08:15:00
11 Process Costing and Equivalent Units 2 Video(s)  04:14:38
12 CAS-10 3 Video(s)  01:20:00
13 Job Costing 3 Video(s)  02:09:00
14 Contract Accounts 4 Video(s)  06:29:32
15 ACTIVITY BASED COSTING 2 Video(s)  01:44:53
16 Batch Costing 3 Video(s)  01:15:00
17 Theory of Costing Concepts 7 Video(s)  03:35:00
18 Joint Product & Buy Product 4 Video(s)  01:57:00

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