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CMA Final Group 4 : Corporate Financial Reporting

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  • Category : Corporate Financial Reporting
The concepts learnt while preparing for CMA Final Group 4 Corporate Financial Reporting, will be practically used in the organizations.                                                                                                                                                        The procedure of producing company financial reports is known as corporate financial reporting. The income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, explanation of financial policies and statement of retained earnings are among the corporate financial reports. Financial reporting for corporations can be presented at the end of the month, the completion of each quarter, or the end of the year.
1st Corporate Financial Report: Income
 It is also known as a loss and profit account.
2nd Corporate Financial Report: Balance Sheet
It shows the financial status at a particular point in time.
3rd Corporate Financial Report: Cash Flow Statement
It knowledge us about the net cash flow in investing, operating and financial activities.
4th Corporate Financial Report: Explanation of Financial Policies and Notes
This policy shows the company's depreciation policy, inventory policy, dividend policy and debt terms. Learn via the CMA Final Group 4 Corporate Financial Reporting Pendrive classes and CMA Final Group 4 Corporate Financial Reporting Video lectures offered by CMA Exclusive. 

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Content Of Videos By Prof Sanjay Welkins

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2 02 - Business Combination - 12 5 Hours and 32 Min
3 03 - Valuation of Goodwill - 12 7 Hours 50 Min
4 04 - Valuation of Shares - 17 9 Hours 21 Min
5 05 - Ind AS 102-Share Based Payment 8 5 Hours and 51 Min
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7 07 - Accounting framework 4 02 Hours 35 Min
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