The Institute has decided that the examinations of October 2021 for Foundation, Intermediate and Final scheduled to be merge with December 2021 Examination. The Examination Schedule, depending upon the situation of pandemic.
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CMA Inter Operations Management & Strategic Management Online Classes

Strategic Management and Operational Management are two terms that are often used interchangeably. The study of various business processes, evaluate operations, production planning, and strategic management is the subject of CMA Inter Paper 9: Video Lecture (OMSM).

The primary goal of including the Operation Management & Strategic Management course in the CMA Inter Group –2 syllabus is to offer students a thorough understanding of the processes and analyze operations and business processes to aid in better management. Because these notions have situational repercussions on the company, it's critical to have a clear understanding of them.


The purpose of the topic is to evaluate the student's abilities in the following areas:


  • Analyzing and comprehending operations


  • Understanding the industrial process and resource management.


  • Understanding the distinctions between vision, mission, and values.


  • SWOT analysis is a topic that you should be familiar with.


  • Portfolio analysis skills are necessary.


  • Recognize the various stages of the strategy formulation process.


  • Understanding of the strategic business unit and the concept of business process reengineering.


The Operation Management & Strategic Management paper, according to the ICMAI, is divided into two parts:


Section A : Operational Management (70% )


  • Introduction to operations management

  • Plans for Operations

  • Control and system design for operational systems

  • Planning and controlling production

  • Management of productivity and quality

  • Managing Projects

  • Maintenance and spare parts management are both economically viable options.


Section B: Strategic Management (30% )


  • Introduction to strategic management

  • Analyzing and Planning Strategically

  • Strategy Development and Execution


Why should you take pen drive video classes rather than a CD?


Because of the following reasons, our Cma Inter Operations Management & Strategic Management Pendrive Classes are among the best in the country:


The syllabus is up to date. Our CMA study materials are up to date. In addition, when creating the curriculum, past paper questions are taken into account.


Teaching Faculty: The CMA faculty is highly qualified and experienced in teaching difficult subjects.


Suppose you enroll in the Cma Inter OMSM  Video Lectures by Prof Satyesh Sir. In that case, you will be able to quickly prepare for the exam, as the professionals will provide you with clear instructions on how to learn about the many topics covered in the course. To pass the exam, you should have the utmost commitment and patience.

The exam is unlike any other in that it has a flexible exam schedule that is repeated and established each year. If you want to learn everything there is to know about CMA; you'll be relieved to learn that all of the tests are likely to be computerized or open book.


For a limited time, the exam portal will be available. For at least six months, the window is open. Even while registration tends to be active throughout the year, you can apply for the exam you believe you are eligible for and must use it for at least four months before the exam date. Apply for the course while keeping the qualifying requirements in mind. You must complete the previous level before moving on to the next.


Given India's status as a developing country, you may expect many work opportunities in this field. There is a wide range of options available worldwide so that you may pick a course in no time. Professors can assist you in obtaining a lot of knowledge to nail the career in no time.


What are the advantages of Cd Classes?


Since its establishment, Cd Classes has been dedicated to offering high-quality education through Cma Inter Operations Management & Strategic Management  Online Classes to those who aspire to pass the CMA exam and advance in their careers.